Right Path Massage & Movement

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Rates and Programs


Therapeutic Bodywork:

$45     - 30-minute Stress Less Express Plus¹

$85     - 60-minute

$125   - 90-minute

$175   - 120-minute

$25     - Add-on: Massage cupping

Lymphatic Work:

$45    - 45-minute Decongestive Face Massage (Manual Lymphatic Drainage [MLD])

$45    - 45-minute Decongestive Face Massage (MLD + cupping)

$50    - 45-minute Lower or Upper² Body

$125  - 90-minute Full Body detox massage incl. face

Chair Massage:

$95 per hour, 2 hour minimum, per therapist


Therapeutic Bodywork:

$105   - Lunch Break - Save $10 per 30-minute Stress Less Express Plus* session by buying 3 in advance.

$150   - Face It - Combine 75-minute Therapeutic Bodywork and finish with 45-minute Face Massage with cupping to relax and relieve muscles throughout the entire body.

$150   - Be Armed - Combine 90-min full body massage with an additional 30-minutes focused on arms. Hot towel compress, deep muscle stripping, soft tissue release, and use of an essential oil blend specific for wrist, forearm and elbow related issues. Each arm is completed with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) to open fluid pathways to increase effectiveness of treatment.

$625   - Get 6 90-minute sessions for the price of 5, a $125 savings!! 

$850   - Get 12 60-minute sessions for the price of 10, a $170 savings!! Forecast better health with recommended monthly massages (or however often you wish to use). 

Lymphatic Work:

$150   - Breathe - Try this allergy-busting, sinus-clearing program of 4 45-minute Face Massage with cupping. Depending on level of complexity, each session should be scheduled within 2 weeks of each other so the depth of work is maintained without over-stressing the body and immune system. 

Investing in massage is an investment in health

¹The Stress Less Express Plus is a 30-minute clothes-on massage. With no need to undress, you can get in and out of the office quickly while finding relief on 1-2 areas of focused work. This is a great option when you don't have time for a longer massage.

²Breast massage consent form must be completed prior to upper body work.

♦Chair massage is customizable to size of group and corporate time. Current days service is offered are Tuesday and Wednesday most weeks. See Chair Massage page for more information. Contact directly for scheduling.